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• Made in U.S.A.
• Pre-Washed for a no-shrink true fit.
• 14 oz/yd2 Super Heavy Weight Shrink Free
• True to size

Model is 5'7" wearing a size Medium Hoodie

As Christians, we are called to lead transcendent lives, and our 'Not of this world' hoodie design embodies this sacred calling. In a world that often clamors for our conformity, this hoodie stands as a testament to our commitment to a higher purpose.

'Not of this world' encapsulates the profound Christian principle of being 'in the world but not of the world.' It's a bold declaration that we are deeply rooted in the reality of this earthly existence, yet our values, choices, and character transcend the material and fleeting.

Our hope, faith, and unwavering gaze are fixed heavenward. This design serves as a daily reminder to keep our focus on the eternal, to seek the divine amidst the mundane, and to draw strength from our faith in God's promise.

Wearing 'Not of this world' isn't just a fashion statement; it's a profound declaration of our commitment to living a life that reflects our Christian values. It's a symbol of our resilience in the face of worldly distractions and our determination to walk the path of faith and righteousness.

With every thread and stitch, this hoodie represents our unwavering dedication to the divine, our resistance to the superficial, and our pursuit of a transcendent existence. 'Not of this world' is not just a hoodie; it's an embodiment of our Christian journey.